Simple and Effective Communication

Generating and converting leads into paying customers through email and text.

Email Marketing

Studies show more than 55% of marketers still observe email as the best ROI from their digital email channels. We help you by serving as a guide to best practices, industry standards, and increasing ROI. 

SMS Marketing

Improving internal communication and elevating your customer relationships. SMS allows you to always be top of mind for your customers by tapping into the influence of on-the-go marketing.

Our Marketing Approach

A successful marketing campaign is balanced by creativity, technology, and automation with strategy and compliance.

To find success in your email and text message marketing, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Include an offer and an effective call-to-action.
  2. Target your audience and build a database.
  3. Send at right time, through right channel.
marketing approach

Where do we come in? We help you maximize your efforts to create messages your customers will actually want to see.


We help you implement these marketing recommendations  and love being your personalized marketing companion. 

Some Marketing Features

Our omni-channel communication platform, with its many capabilities, make marketing, and customer communication easy.

Data Segmenting 

Segment your audience by a variety of data points, and send them unique messages.


Personalize your marketing messages with unique dynamic data entries.

Auto Responders

Automated messaging sends triggered by sequences or other marketing activities.

Data Building 

Convenient and simple software to gather contact information and build your database.

Client Services

Real people with real marketing experience, helping with campaign implementation. 

Technical Support

IT department ensuring your systems are implemented and working properly.

Short Code

Send text messages easily and effectively, with a five-or-six digit sending code. 

Mobile Keywords

Assigning keywords to your different lists make organization and opting-in easy.

Advanced Reporting 

Accurate campaign reporting to compete with the industry standards and practices.

SMS Alert System

Send customized alerts to customers, guests, and others, with the push of a button.

Drag and Drop Editor

Easy email creation and drafting made possible with simple editing services and capabilities.

Drip Campaigning 

Automated message sequencing and journies triggered by unique consumer actions.

Client Services Team

We are real people with real marketing experience. We help you take full advantage of email and text message marketing.

We work with you, every step of the way, to strategize, execute, and analyze your email and text marketing campaigns.

         Data Management:

    1. Acquisition and Data Hygiene
    2. Targeting and Segmentation
    3. Email and SMS List Strategy

           Technical Support:

    1. Custom Integrations
    2. API Management and Assistance
    3. Support When You Need It


    1. Reporting – Quarterly Refinements
    2. Industry Best Practice Guidance
    3. Annual Strategic Plan

          Campaign Management:

    1. Content Creation and Setup
    2. Testing, Measuring, and Scheduling
    3. Email and SMS Best Strategy

If you’re passionate about reaching your customers, building relationships, meeting your business goals, or just need a hand to navigate your digital marketing options, Spectrum Messaging is the right fit for you. Schedule a demo with us today!