Our Features

A successful marketing campaign is obtained by balancing creativity, technology and automation with strategy and compliance. We make sure to top it off with marketing your customers will actually want to see. The foundation of our business is centered in creatively merging all of these marketing components to become your personalized marketing companion.

With Spectrum Messaging, you’ll reach your customers easily by email, SMS, or both. We offer the versatility of email and SMS mass messaging, 1:1 communications, transactional messaging, and targeted communications all in one place – when you need it. We love making communication simple!


Decades of results show more than 55% of marketers still observe email as the best ROI from their digital email channels. Our Email marketing experts will help you take your business and customer touch to the next level by serving as a guide to best practices, industry standards, and increasing ROI.


Offering a mobile alternative to call centers, improving internal communication and elevating your customer relationships. SMS allows you to always be top of mind for your customers by tapping into the influence of on-the-go marketing.


Segmentation and Personalization‚Äč

At Spectrum Messaging, we help you learn more about your customers and collaborate to create the right personalized message experience. We focus on accurately conveying your 1:1 messages to your market segments and customers.

Data Hygiene

Cleaning and reconciling your database is foundational to ensuring messages reach your customers inbox. Along with our team and systems, we create the most effective campaigns you deserve. We focus on optimizing your messages to increase open/click rates, conversations and database-subscribe growth.

Client Services

Spectrum Messaging’s omni-channel platform is easy to use with a client services team here to assist when needed. We make ourselves available by phone, voice or text… it’s up to you! We get involved to help you get the job done.

We believe marketing is an investment, not an expense.
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