Short Code

Is your business looking to implement text message marketing?  

Text message marketing, or SMS marketing, is an effective way to communicate with your contacts. The best way to send text messages is dependent on your individual use case. In many use cases, the best solution is a short code.  

What is a short code? 

A short code is a five- or six-digit number that is used to send and receive text messages. Unlike a ten-digit number, these numbers must be provisioned through the entire mobile carrier network. 

They’re either random or vanity style. Random short codes are exactly how they sound; the five digits are completely random. Vanity short codes have reason to them; the digits will often have repeating numbers or patterns. 

Examples of random and vanity short codes:


  1. 39801
  2. 32897
  3. 60285
  4. 99158


  1. 777000
  2. 111000
  3. 121212
  4. 123456

Despite looking a little different, both code types work the same way; they send messages to your contacts. Your recipients will also receive your message from your short code.

What type of messages should you send? Who should you send to?

The messages you send can be for current customers, including patients, to communicate your messages.

Your marketing messages should include catchy copy, an interesting offer, and an effective call-to-action. It’s important to remember the purpose of marketing is to generate leads and sell your products and services.

Along with current customers and patients, you can send text messages for internal communication, and send messages to your employees and coworkers.  

Why should you send texts with short code? 

Again, text message marketing is an effective way to communicate your message with your messaging contact, as text messages are read and acted upon quickly. 

Here’s some reasons why you should send your texts with a short code: 

  1. 98% of texts are read within three minutes
  2. They are designated and recognizable
  3. Short codes are easy to remember 
  4. Messages are delivered fast 
  5. Opting-in is easy with short code

Being designated, your short code belongs to you. You’ll be the only one to send from it. 

Just like branding, your short code will be recognized and remembered every time you send messages. This makes consumer contact easy and effective. 

Short codes deliver your message, to large numbers, quickly. Short codes are the most effective way to deliver your text messages.  

Per the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), you need explicit permission to send text messages. Short codes make it easier for your consumers to opt-in and for you to receive permission. 

You have decided to use short codes. How do you get started? 

The process to start sending with short codes is quite simple. 

Here’s the steps: 

  1. Schedule a free demo with the Spectrum Messaging team.
  2. Provide information on your business and your future messaging use cases.
  3. This information will be used to get you your own designated short code.
  4. Decide if you want a random short code or a vanity short code. 
    1. Random short code will cost you $750 per month. 
    2. Vanity short code will cost you $1,500 per month.
  5. Create a Spectrum Messaging account and start sending your text messages.

We help our clients take full advantage of the many benefits text message marketing offers, and we’d love to help you start sending effective messages with short codes. 

Schedule your free demo with us today!