Implement auto marketing to make oil changes, auto repair, tire changes, and regular vehicle maintenance easier on your customers. They’re often ignored, yet are essential for maximizing vehicle life and health. These services are always needed, and always will be. Mechanics, auto shop owners, car salespeople, etc. should rely on auto marketing for scheduled maintenance and recurring business. 

Scheduled maintenance and recurring business starts with healthy customer relationships and excellent customer communication. Email and text message marketing makes customer communication easy through messaging automation and sequencing.

Messaging automation and sequencing provides seamless communication by creating automatic message sequences. Your messages are pre-scheduled and sent automatically depending on certain actions made and consumer actions performed. It requires little monitoring but provides excellent personalized communication. 

Here’s what marketing sequencing and messaging automation can look like:


auto marketing

When a guest comes into your dealership, add them to your messaging database. Send them messages depending on the individual actions they take.

If they buy a car:

Implement message sending on a timely basis.

For example, send a thank you message 24 hours after purchase. Send a scheduled service recommendation after six months.

If they don’t buy a car:

Send updates and details on any new cars at your dealership. Send promotions and other deals. Send consistently.

Send consistently to encourage a completed transaction.

message journey


auto repair

When a customer comes in requesting service, add them to your messaging database.

The customer will drop their car off- send an email or text to them when the service has been completed.

From there, add your customers to an automated sequence. Send them needed messages on a timely basis.

  • Send a thank you message up to 24 hours after pickup was completed.
  • Follow-up in several months with reminders of recommended and scheduled services.
  • Send promotions, vehicle information, and other relevant messages.

Follow this process with each new customer and visit. 

car journey



Guest Drops Off Car:

  • “Thanks for trusting us with your car care needs! We’ll get your oil changed and send you a text when your Black Ford Explorer is ready.”
  • “Your car is ready to be picked up! Get your key at the service desk.”

Up To 24 Hours Later:

  • “Thank you again for trusting us with your oil change. To show our appreciation, here’s 15% off your next service charge.”

6 Months Later:

  • “It’s been six months since your last service with us, and we’ve noticed you haven’t been in. For the best car care, we recommend service every six months. Schedule your appointment with us now!”

Repeat this process as it takes time to strengthen and maintain customer relationships. Stronger relationships will increase your overall recurring revenue.

With messaging automation, there is no need to overcomplicate customer communication. Email and text messaging make it easy to seamlessly communicate with your customers. Never miss out on recurring revenue. Feel confident that you are creating healthy relationships with your customers. With little monitoring, set it up and watch your automated messages do their thing! Communicate with your customers.

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