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Restaurant email marketing is an effective way to communicate with your audience and provides a massive return on investment. Decades of results show more than 55% of marketers still see email marketing as the best ROI from their digital marketing efforts. Email marketing today is just as popular and effective now as it has been for decades.

As a restaurant owner, you too can create a massive ROI on your email marketing efforts.

How does $32 in sales for $1 in marketing expense sound? Follow these tips:

  1. Build Your Database
  2. Effective Email Design and Strategy
  3. Strengthen Customer Relationships
  1. Build Your Database

Building your database is an ongoing and important process. With just a bit of strategy and implementation, you’ll build your database in no time.

Some ways to gather emails for your restaurant:

  • A subscriber form on website
  • Through a loyalty program
  • Links on social media sites
  • Through mobile ordering
  • Ask your guests at restaurant
website form

2) Effective Email Design and Strategy

The content you send, and how it’s presented, matters.


Here are some recommendations of things you should include in your emails:

  • Share images of your food
  • Highlight new menu items
  • Communicate effective promotions
  • Include a call to action


Don’t just tell them what you’re offering…show them! Include images in your emails.

Keep your customers engaged and interested by sharing new information, like new menu items.

Everyone loves a good deal. Promote and send offers to your customers. Offer a free drink or a free dessert with the purchase of an entrée.

Always include a call to action in your emails. Link your website or menu. Include an order button.



3) Strengthen Customer Relationships

Use email marketing to build and strengthen relationships with your customers.

Sending promotions and offers keeps your customers interested. Sending general restaurant news keeps your customers informed. Don’t send too much-sending too much will tire your customers. Send enough to keep customers engaged.

Monitor your emails and how they perform. Make adjustments and find what works best for your restaurant, and your customers.

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